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Arduina Caponigro is an Italian American artist who was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Growing up, she had the opportunity to spend an equal amount of time in Europe and the United States, which fostered her appreciation for the arts. Her father, a Latin professor with a Ph.D., instilled in her a love for languages, philosophy, mythology, and art.

As Arduina's understanding of the creative process deepened, she began to view art as a way of life—a means of connecting with others and expressing oneself. One of her passions is helping fellow artists perceive their computers and software as simple artistic tools. She shares her expertise internationally through private consultations, personal mentoring, and workshops conducted for various organizations such as The Maine Media Workshops, The Santa Fe Workshops, and Rockport College.

Throughout her career, Arduina has worked extensively in different areas of fine art photography, graphic design, pre-press, and print. In recent times, she has become particularly enthralled with fine art book-making. Her artistic style often evokes a dreamlike and timeless quality, despite the use of advanced technology in its creation.

 Arduina is fortunate to be part of a family of artists and surrounded by a vibrant and inspiring creative community. She collaborates closely with her husband, John Paul Caponigro, in their studio Caponigro Arts in Cushing, Maine.


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