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I believe there are many different kinds of happy.
I am amazed by the ability of our minds to view our everyday
with a selective focus filtered by our current emotive  state.
Using these evocative filters as my guide, I am creating a visual journal,
a dreamlike recording of my world.
As I work to reflect upon and express these moments of intimacy, beauty, truth, and growth,
I am learning to be more present.
This is my personal story, this is my kind of happy.

Arduina Palanca Caponigro is an Artist/Photographer specializing in Digital Imaging and Giclee Printing. She has been teaching and consulting for photographers internationally, helping them to see their computers and software as simple artistic tools.
This simplicity is reflected in her personal work in that her images evoke a dreamlike timelessness without a trace of the highend technology used to create it.

Arduina is a first generation American raised by Italians who immigrated to North Dakota (yes, North Dakota). Her appreciation for the arts grew out of a childhood which was spent equally in Europe and the United States. As her understanding of the creative life developed, she began to recognize art as not only a source of needed expression, but also as a way of life. Because of the importance of an artist’s ability to communicate with their audience, She took advantage of her technological aptitude and mastered as many imaging and design programs as she could.
She is currently the Technical Director for Caponigro Arts in Cushing Maine and she is fortunate to be working along side her husband John Paul Caponigro.

Arduina has taught many workshops for Maine Media Workshops, The Santa Fe Workshops, as well as in South America and the Faulkland Islands with Crusing Though Life. She tutors artists privately and has taught photography for Rockport College. She has worked extensively in all areas of fine art photography, graphic design and Print media, including layout, design, pre-press, and color calibrated output.

For more information please email her directly at: